29 September 2011

Zynga Adventure World Bot

  • Download required files [download] // wait for timer, click download, click >> Download << again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting. 
  • Download Money Glitch [download]
  • IE
  • More cheating tools and how to use them: [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial 
  1. Just download the bot through the link given above.
  2. Install the bot.
  3. You will need to run the bot as an ADMINISTRATOR.  (Right click ADVBot.exe, select properties, Compatibility tab, Tick the "Run this program as administrator"
  4. Log into your facebook account through the bot.
  5. Select the settings that you want and click Start Bot.
  6. You will see the bot running.
Adventure World Money Cheat
To use the Money Glitch, you will need to replace BotClass.php which can be found in the installed folder of the Bot.   (default folder is C:\Program Files\ADVBot\codebase-php)

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