29 September 2011

Ninja Saga Auto Boss Complete 28 September

Credits: fhax

  1. Open Fiddler and go to Autoresponder
  2. Tick both Enable auto... and Permit Passthrough..
  3. You will be replacing the ninja_association file so click ADD and insert this rule editor

    (or you can just drag the downloaded file into the Autoresponder tab)
  4. If you are unsure of how to replace files using fiddler, kindly read the tutorial first as it will help you greatly. Tool's Tutorial 
  5. Once replaced, just go into Ninja Saga, go to the PET SHOP.
  6. Buy the only item in the PET SHOP and watch as your EXP increases. All bosses will be auto fought.
  7. Tested, working, and savable as at 25/9/2011 

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